Understanding cause and effect is the principle behind the law of attraction. The “effect” is what we are trying to attract. Every effect requires a cause and we determine this cause by our thoughts and the actions they inspire. By anticipating the effects of our thoughts/actions–and by allowing this foreknowledge to direct forthcoming thought/action–we easily create conditions in harmony with our desire WHEN WE EMOTIONALLY RESPOND OR REACT AS THOUGH THE OBJECT OF OUR THOUGHT WERE ALREADY HAPPENING.

It is not enough to think about what may happen “if we had” the object of our thought, because “if we had” reinforces that we “do not have.” We must actively feel an emotional response, as though the object of our thought were happening in the present moment.

All lack, limitation, disease and discord are the result of the exact same law. This law operates relentlessly and is continually bringing about conditions in correspondence with the thought that originates or creates them.

Thoughts create conditions for achieving our desire. Perception is the filter through which we interpret conditions. How we choose to respond or react to conditions is determined by our predominant mental attitude. Our predominant mental attitude is the narrator of our experience–the commentary voice–perpetuating the cycle of cause and effect.


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