Rise Above

What criteria determines your ability to relate to another person?

Our ability to dehumanize those we “find difficulty” relating to creates the conditions for intolerance, hostility and apathy.

Consciousness anchors us to all other life forms. Any other “criteria” for relating to others is based on superficial qualities (race, gender, etc.) and originates from ego-judgement, which reduces our position on the consciousness specteum. All judgement originates from ego-insecurity.

We may temporarily suspend judgement based on morality, but we may be sure this has not disolved the insecurity prompting judgement, and this insecurity will manifest itself in a new way.

Eliminating insecurity is the only long term solution to disolving judgement and ascending on the spectrum of consciousness/awareness.

Insecurity is an effect. To eliminate insecurity, we must discover it’s cause.


Reykjavik, Iceland

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