Undermining Self

Undermining Self is the primary method by which the competing archetypes of psyche battle for control of your inner pantheon. There are eight primary dialogues:

  1. King/Queen
  2. Warrior
  3. Lover
  4. Magician

Each of these four primary dialogues has a corresponding shadow, for a total of eight primary dialogues. Each has characteristics and skills we need to get through life–which makes all eight essential to healthy psychic development–and thus, can not be discarded or ignored. Yet, each of the dialogues, in their immature and/or shadow state, also possess qualities of behavior that are in opposition to the others.

Ego may be understood as the bipolar dictator of the unintegrated, immature archetypes–as indicated by the inverted triangle the top of the circle in the illustration below. Who we are– from moment to moment–depends entirely on whichever archetype captures the attention of ego or offers it a “solution” to dealing with the conditions we face in life. Ego considers itself “Zeus” of our internal pantheon, even though it is only a conduit of power to the archetypes.


Procrastination results from habitually second guessing ourselves. We second guess ourselves because we don’t trust ourselves, which is a result of becoming consciously aware that our desires from moment to moment are not consistent. This awareness is actually a great thing because it means you can take steps toward cultivating consistency. The result of this awareness is the ability to observe conditions, and we may refer to this observing state as ego transcendence.

If you could not see the bipolar nature of the undeveloped archetypes, you would have no incentive for the maturation and integration of the archetypes.

To rise above adversity, one must transcend egos emotional attraction to conditions and make decisions from a place of observation. This ability to choose is freewill. WILLINGNESS TO INSTIGATE CHANGE leads to ego in harmony with Self.

The degree of personal crisis you experience is reflective of your stubbornness to change. If you choose not to use freewill to instigate change, the unconscious will create conditions that force you to confront the issues you have been avoiding. This is how nature works.

Self may be understood as authentic being. As represented by the “star” in the center of the illustration above, Self may utilize any combination of the archetypes at any time from it’s position as a detached observer of all experience.

(5.21) Consciousness is the real secret of power because whenever we become conscious of power it is manifested in the objective world; it is brought forth into tangible expression.


Reykjavik, Iceland

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