Freewill is our ability to choose. Willpower is the fuel of ability.

Without willpower, our ability to choose is reduced to an idea or concept.

(5.23) Power is manifested through the individual. Each individual is a channel whereby power is differentiated in form.

(5.24) Our ability to think is our ability to act upon the universal energy, and what we think is produced or created in the objective world. 

We may harmonize with those around us by listening. Each of us is a channel of the same flow. The only real barrier between individuals is ego, which attempts to establish identify and, thus, creates distinction and discrimination in the process.

The art of listening is a extension of our ability to observe body language. This evolutionary skill operates from the subconscious, which means it enjoys anonymity from consciousness, and thus, works despite our awareness of the process, like digestion or the process that allows you to read.

Likewise, most of us can read anthers body language because it is a universal language shared by everyone, regardless of intention.



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