The Race

Suffering derives from the mental state of frustration. Frustration is a result of ruminating mind fixating on a condition that logic can not solve. The reality is that we can not logically understand/explain every condition in our life. This is very humbling to ego, who relies on ruminating mind to give reasons for conditions we encounter. Reasons provide meaning. Meaning contains value. Value imparts purpose.

While we may not be able to logically explain conditions, we do know that the nature of our thought determines how we percieve those conditions, and thus, our ability to cope with conditions.

(7.22) We may be of the most service by keeping an open mind. Be interested in the race rather than goal; the pursuit rather than the possession.

To reach any goal, a journey/race is required. We can not bypass this, any more than we can exclude practice and training from success. Yet, much of the frustrations we encounter are a result of the fact that we are more interested in the goal than the race and when the race turns out to be work or present unexpected challenges, we default to self pity and resentment (against others or whatever god you assume should have saved you from difficulty).

It is the difficulty and obstacles that reveal true character. And we know that character develops in mind.

Thought is transmuted into character and character is the magnet that creates the environment of the individual

(7.12) Difficulty and obstacles are necessary for wisdom and spiritual growth.


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