Wealth. Who needs it?

(8.11) Wealth depends upon an understanding of the creative nature of thought.

(8.20) Correct scientific thinking is a recognition of the creative nature of spiritual energy and our ability to control it.

How do you define wealth? Money. Is that it? Think beyond money and consider what else in your life brings you prosperity. It may be easier to imagine if you didn’t have things you take for granted. Family. Friends. A job. Health.

Examine the pyramid below. These are Maslow’s Heirarcy of Needs.

Consider wealth to be reflective of your position on this pyramid. If you have all your psychological needs met, you are among the most fortunate on the planet. Are your security needs met? You probably live in a first world country, shared by only 19% the the planets population. Are your love and belonging needs met? I’ve visited countries where people were very wealthy, in this respect, despite not having the prior needs of the Heirarcy met.

You may continue this climb, at your own pace. Bring along your balance book so you may begin recording your wealth.

(8.12) The true value of wealth is its exchange value.

Now that you have accumulated your non monetary wealth, in what way do you exchange this with others?

You might also want to consider how lucky you are to have ANY of these needs met.


Reykjavik, Iceland

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