Clean Mind

Are you at home? Take a look around you. Look for open doors and cupboards. How about clutter? Are items out of place or have they been discarded as a result of the constant busyness of life?

Examining our living environment is one of the most practical ways to assess our state of mind. Open doors are like ideas not followed through and clutter represents scattered thoughts that are left unresolved; not “let go” because you haven’t put them in the trash yet, so they sit around badgering you for attention.

Procrastination is a message to destiny that you’re not ready to destiny that you’re ready for abundance. A clean environment represents a clean mind. It is a symbol. Not all people who obsessively clean have a clean mind. Cleanliness as a ritual -meaning, with intention – is a powerful reminder that mind needs to be routinely cleaned out. This process of self examination and the willingness to discard “garbage” is necessary for wisdom and spiritual growth. “Garbage” are causes, ideas or thoughts that do not support your ideal state. Your ideal state is your unlimited potential to thrive.


Reykjavik, Iceland


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