(8.3) Success depends upon spiritual power.

(8.4) Spiritual power depends upon use; use determines its existence.

Thought is spiritual power. Each moment of our lives we have the choice to consciously control our thoughts. Every choice we make counts because the habits of mind become subconscious patterns that affect our ability to percieve options with regards to the conditions we meet in life.

Those who are consciosly aware of their thoughts and options (freewill) and have the strength to make choices in support of their ideal state (willpower) are better off in every way.


One thought on “Optimistic

  1. Interesting post!

    I would agree with you, yet there are also many situations where it is very difficult to control what thoughts sparks into your head. Taking control over them once we are aware of them, is the really hard part.

    Thanks for sharing, looking forward to reading more from you! 🙂


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