The Seed of Thrive

(1.23) Spiritual truth is the control factor in this method of thought.

(1.24) The nature of our desire must be in harmony with natural law.

The method of thought to which we are referring is the ability to concentrate, which is our intentional conscious ability to maintain thoughts that support our ideal state.

Thoughts we choose to entertain represent our desires. We may be required to think about certain things as a result of our commitments, though we always have a choice with regards to the attitude we maintain with reference to these thoughts.

Our desires must be in harmony with natural law or the quality of our thought is possession rather than concentration. These two extremes of the same process may even feel the same, just as planting an apple seed and a tomato seed may feel the same, but when the seed takes root and bears fruit, the difference will become very apparent.

Does a farmer plant seed without knowing, first, the kind of harvest to prepare for? We can’t plant seeds of possession and expect to reap the fruits of concentration. Thus, we must take every opportunity to exercise our freewill by utilizing our ability to consciously introduce internal dialogues that support our ideal state. Eventually, these dialogues will become subconscious and will blossom into a predominant mental attitude that allows us to thrive.


Mt. Stapafell, Snæfellsnes Peninsula, Iceland

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