Enlightenment and Identity

(2.21) Individuals are measured by the degree of Self awareness they manifest.

(2.22) We may influence others by a recognition of Self as an indiviualization of the Universal (un/conconciousness)

Enlightenment is suspension of the urge to experience the present through a filter of the past or the future.

Identity is a personification of ego.

Enlightenment is a recognition of our ability to transcend attatchments to ego identity and the willingness to do so.

Identity is the material by which we judge ourselves against others.

Enlightenment is a realization of our ability to reimagine existence absent of ego identity.

All psychic structures (ego, shadow, etc) develop and are guided by Self, the archetype of archetypes, as Jung called it. Self possess a teleological function, meaning that it implies the goal of attaining completeness. Thus, enlightenment, is as much a psychological function as it is a metaphysical and/or spiritual one.

Enlightenment is individuation.

Individuation is “the fullest possible Self-realization in the psyche and in the world.”*

*On Jung, Anthony Stevens, PG. 41



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