3.25-28~ Mental Action

(3.25) Thought is the seed that results in action. Action results in form.

All action begins with thought. All form begins with action. Form is the expression given to our thoughts, after our thoughts possess us enough to take action.

(3.26) Form depends on the rate of vibration.

All matter consists of vibrating particles. A proton is made up of two up quarks and one down quark. Gluons are like the attracting energy of a magnet that bind the quarks together. String Theory, replaces particles with vibrating strings, that serve a similar purpose to Gluons. Whether gluons or strings (quantum physics), physicists agree that the tiny forms of all matter are vibrating.

(6.17) Vibration is the first form the universal takes, as far as we know.

Since thought creates form, thought must first create vibration.

“As we evolve towards sahasrara, outer experiences come our way in life, and inner experiences come to us in meditation, as different capacities and centers awaken progressively within the nervous system. This occurs as energy flows at higher volumes and rates of vibration through the different nadis in the psychic body.” ~ Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Kundalini Tantra

(3.37) The rate of vibration may be changed my mental activity.

(3.38) Mental action depends upon polarity-action and reaction-between the individual and the Universal.

Action and interaction between the individual and the Universal-polarity-is mental action. Mental action is awareness of thought/consciousness. Thus, the quality of our thought determines the rate of vibration. All action is predicated by our quality of thought.

Unconscious interaction with Self may be identified with habitual behaviors, which indicate specific emotional attatchment.

Conscious interaction with Self happens when ego is free of (emotional) attatchment.

Imagine a circle. In the center of the circle is Self. Orbiting the circle is ego. These are connected by the ego/Self axis, like the hand of a clock. Between the outer layer where ego orbits and the center, inhabited by Self, are two layers.

The outermost layer is the personal unconscious, and this space is occupied by clusters of emotional triggers called complexes. They float around like asteroids. You may consider the personal unconduncon the emotional asteroid belt.

The innermost later-the collective unconscious- is occupied by archetypes, like great planetary bodies.

Self relates to ego through the archetypes, and thus, the ego/Self axis-as it spins to keep up with egos orbit-frequently finds itself passing through an archetype. Complexes, on the other hand, are not a neccesary function of Self but rather a creation of egos reaction to experience. As such, they are the source of difficulty, obstacles and suffering.



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