Eliminating Fear

(3.7) Fear can be eliminated by an understanding and recognition of the true source of power.

The true source of power is our ability to think–polarity between the Universal (Self) and the individual (ego). A knowledge of cause and effect is what gives us the confidence that our focused intention is all that is required to destroy fear.

(2.13) A knowledge of cause and effect allows men to plan courageously and execute fearlessly.

A knowledge of cause and effect gives us the confidence to believe in the power of thoughts to change our perception of experience.

(4.13) A practical working knowledge of cause and effect is secured through an understanding of natural law.

(4.14) The result is a conscious realization of our ability to adjust ourselves to divine and unchanging principles. 

Adjustment of behavior depends upon Confidence of Belief to ensure that our adjustment is genuine, otherwise unauthentic adjustment is repression not subjugation. Repression is the spirit of denial and inspires guilt due to the ineffectiveness of repression to eliminate undesired thought.

(8.23) To absolutely convince yourself of the truth concerning the conditions you desire to see manifested is the method for destroying all forms of fear.

(3.17) Causation depends upon polarity. A circuit must be formed. The Universal is the positive side of the battery of life, the individual is the negative, and thought forms the circuit.

The interaction between the Universal (Self) and the Individual (ego) produces consciousness. Consciousness is expressed through the contra-sexual, that is, the feminine principle in men (anima) and the masculine principle in womem (animus).

Our relationship with our contra-sexual reflects the level of consciousness in which we are operating. The contra sexual is an internal representation of the outward relationships we have with the opposite sex.  All physical world relationships are reflections of aspects of ourselves, personified to enhance our ability to relate to these aspects, just as characters  in our dreams symbolize an internal quality within ourselves. The nature of sleep dreams is the same as the nature of the waking dream.

(3.8) Our predominant mental attitude frames how we experience conditions we meet in life.

Our predominant mental attitude is the default system. Our default system is acquired or intentional.


(5.4) The conscious mind receives its governing tendencies from heredity, which means they are the result of the choices and belief systems inherited from all past generations.


(2.5) Conscious mind is reasoning will. Subconscious mind is instinctive desire, the result of past reasoning will.


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