4.21-26~ Correct Thinking

(4.21) Power depends upon recognition and use.

(4.22) Recognition is consciousness.

Power depends upon consciousness, which may be understood as developing awareness-the process of individuation in the Jungian context. We should avoid judging ourselves for previously not recognizing our lack of awareness, because if we judged ourselves every time we became aware of something new, we would be constantly judging ourselves. Whereas, when we gently congratulate ourselves, we will be more inclined to want to observe our behavior and become more conscious and confident in the process.

(4.23) We become conscious of power by thinking.

When we observe ourselves, we become more Self aware. When we observe ourselves thinking, we become conscious of freewill. Freewill is power. Freewill is our choice to react or respond to the conditions we meet in life. If we do not recognize or utilize this power, our choices are mainly a product of subconscious/habitual tendencies. Conscious awareness allows us to over-ride these tendencies.

(2.5) Conscious mind is reasoning will. Subconscious mind is instinctive desire, the result of past reasoning will.  

(4.24) The true business of life facilitated by correct thinking.

(4.25) Correct thinking is the ability to adjust ourselves to divine and unchanging principles; to cooperate with natural law.

(4.26) This is accomplished by securing a perfect understanding of the principle forces, methods, and combinations of mind.

Understanding these principle forces, methods and combinations of kind is at the heart of Vedanta, Jungian Psychology, and The Master Key System.


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