4.29.30~ Self Realization

(4.29) Inspiration is the art of self realization. It is the art of adjusting the individual will to the will of the Universal; a recognition of the omnipresence of omniscience.

Self Realization is individuation; a process by which our awareness of our consciousness is expanding. This happens as we are liberated from unhealthy subconscious tendencies which have formed as conscious mind interacts with the unconscious.

Individual will may be understood as ego identity. Ego identity is formed as ego associates itself with objects. “Objects” are illusions/maya because they imply separateness, whereas all forms-from rocks to people-are expressions of the same creative force.

Omnipresence is existing is multiple places at the same time.

(1.30) All power comes from within. The universal fountain of supply. The infinite energy of each individual, an outlet. 

As each individual is an outlet of Universal, this is the method of Omnipresence.

(5.24) We may connect with this omnipresence by our ability to think, which is our ability to act upon Universal energy, and what we think is produced or created in the objective world. 

Omniscience is unlimited knowledge. Knowledge must be integrated if we are to acquire more knowledge. Integration is applying knowledge.

(7.20) Insight enables us to understand the value of making application of knowledge we have gained. Many seem to think knowledge applies itself, which is by no means true. 

(4.30) What we do depends upon who we are. Who we are depends upon what we think. Thus, our quality of thought determines conditions in life.


Reykjavik, Iceland

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