5.26-29 – Predominant Mental Attitude

(5.26) We may eliminate imperfect conditions by becoming conscious of our unity with the source of all power.

(5.27) The Master Mind thinks big thoughts. he golds ideas large enough to counteract and destroy all petty and annoying obstacles.

The “Master Mind” is one who has become Self Aware and is consciously and actively participating in the unfolding process of Individuation.  Individuation is the process of bringing the unconscious into consciousness by recognizing subconscious and/or habitual behaviors and adjusting our behavior, when necessary, to support our ideal state.

(5.28) Experiences comes to us through the law of attraction.

Our experience of conditions in life are a result of the attitude we project.

Two individuals waited until the the last moment to purchase a seasonal gift. When they arrived at the store, 15 minutes prior to closing, the item they were intending to purchase was no longer in stock. One of the individuals went to the cashier and demanded to see a manager, then he expressed outrage that the item he wanted to purchase was not in stock. By the time this was finished, the store was closing. The other individual accepted that their procrastination led to the desired item being sold out, and chose an alternate gift.

Both individuals were presented with the same condition, and both for the same reason (procrastination), yet each individual had a completely different experience of that condition based on their predominant mental attitude.

(5.29) This experience is brought into operation by our predominant mental attitude.


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