Democracy Inheritance

(5.24) We may connect with Omniscience by our ability to think, which is our ability to act upon Universal Energy, and what we think is produced or created in the objective world.

Omniscience is unlimited power.

(6.12) All motion, light, heat, and color, have their origin in Universal Energy, which is one form of Universal Mind. 

All the properties of the physical (objective) world are perceivable to ego through our senses. You may consider the senses the instrument of ego, as the senses facilitate our experience of experience. Universal Energy relates to objects in the object-ive world, while Universal Mind refers to non duality, “the void,” or mind at rest. Universal Energy is the result of Self observing Self/nature observing nature.

(5.25) The result of this discovery is nothing less than marvelous. It opens unprecedented and limitless opportunity.

(8.24) The Universal Mind–in which we live and move and have our being–is one and indivisible. This makes it just as possible to help others as it is to help ourselves. 

(6.10) Men are learning the basic methods of constructive thought. This is allowing them to change conditions and multiply effects in the object-ive world.

(5.30) The old regime is trying to cling to the fatalistic doctrine of divine election. The new regime recognizes the divinity of the individual, the democracy of humanity.

Divine election may be understood as appointment or inheritance, be that spiritual, political, or familial.


Reykjavik, Iceland

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