5.24.25~ Food for Thought

(5.24) We may connect with omniscience by our ability to think, which is our ability to act upon the Universal Energy, and what we think is produced or created in the objective world.

Omniscience is limitless power. Our ability to think is our ability to access, utilize, and depend upon limitless power. Limitless Power is Universal Energy, which is one form of Universal Mind. If Universal Mind is the sun, Universal Energy is the heat that radiates from the sun. As we know from observation, without the heat that radiates from the sun, life–in it’s present forms–would not exist in our galaxy. Likewise, the energy that radiates/vibrates from the sun of our body (solar plexus) determines the quality of “life” that we experience. Food is a great example.

(3.30) the Universal is static and requires energy to start it in motion. This is furnished by food which is converted into energy which–in turn–allows the individual to think. When he stops eating, he stops thinking. Then he no longer acts upon the universal. There is, consequently, no action or interaction. The Universal is pure mind in static form; mind at rest. 

Fasting has traditionally been a means to exercise willpower over the body while “descending” into the Self. I am neither endorsing or condemning this practice, only pointing out what it is because many people don’t understand the actual purpose of fasting, regardless of their intention. Some people fast because they think it makes them healthier. Maybe this is true and maybe it is not, but what is certain is that fasting 1) Supports Willpower (consciousness) 2) Leads us into the Unconscious. The key is finding the right balance. More specifically, it is important to know that our actions are not conflicting with our desired outcome. To become absorbed in the unconscious is not going to help you much if you have an important business meeting, because you will hardly be able to function at a cognitive level necessary to exude confidence in others. Conversely, engaging your mind in memory recall will not facilitate a state of no mind you may be wanting to achieve during your meditation. Looking at the Ego|Self axis, we may consider Ego representative of consciousness and Self representative of the Unconscious. Self Realization is the energy that radiates from the Ego|Self axis; it is a result of the polarity between these two extremes.


SR (1).jpg

(5.25) The result of this discovery is nothing less than marvelous. It opens unprecedented and limitless opportunity.


Awareness that thought puts us in touch with infinite power creates unprecedented and limitless opportunity. How good is an appliance if you do not plug it in? Your mind is like an appliance, and if you do not plug it into Universal Energy, then it’s usefulness will be limited to rumination based on sensory experience. This is a method of existence may be compared to those who live as though asleep. They are asleep only in the sense that they are unaware of the potential they have to plug the mind into the source of power it requires.

Ruminating mind still produces thought, just as eating GMO and pesticide filled foods will still provide the energy we require to think. The difference is in quality. A freshly prepared meal in a restaurant offers a different quality than 49 cent hamburgers at a local fast food chain. And the quality of our food determines the quality of our thought.




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