6.28-30~ Unlimited Power

(6.28) For the first time in the worlds history, mankind’s highest reasoning faculty can be satisfied by demonstrable truth, which is fast flooding the world.

Mankind’s highest reasoning faculty is consciousness: the process of ego translating experience to Self. This process is demonstrable by observation (individuation/inquiry) and participating (thinking), which results in Self Realization. 

(6.29) This system will meet every human requirement or necessity. 

This system will meet every human requirement or necessity because Universal Mind is omniscient; it is a vast storehouse of unlimited power.

(6.30) True science and true religion are twin sisters. Where the one goes, the other, necessarily, follows. 

True science may be understood as observation. True religion may be understood as participation. Anything beyond observation and participation is-at best-commentary and at worst, rhetoric.


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