A Tantric Desire For Pleasure

Question: Does a Tantric experience a desire for pleasure?

Pleasure in an ambiguous word, because it’s meaning is determined by the experience of the interpreter. (“The Observer Gets To Decide,” is the mantra of the famous Schrodinger’s Cat thought experiment.)

That said,I couldn’t be less interested in having sex.

I have a desire for the pleasure associated with sex but a greater desire not to have sex.

Sex, from a Tantra perspective, is an expression of unity between individual vessels of Brahman (represented by Self/Atman). This is the greatest purpose of sex, anything less is like attempting to solve complex algebra with-at best-grade school math and-at worst- kindergarten level concepts of math (2 shoes and 1 mouth).

If pleasure is your greatest concern (Animal level |basement) you shouldn’t be having sex with another person’s experience.

Sex is a precursor to drama because sex blows the lid off of repressed emotion. Drama associated with (yours or partners) emotion (Human level |ground floor) will distract you from the awareness coming to the surface as a result of the sexual experience. You will become aware of emotion (ego/reaction) instead of awareness (Self/response).

Awareness coming to the surface is the spiritual function of sex (Warrior |1st floor).

There is no reason to involve incompatible person(s) in your deeply personal journey; a journey into the heart of your individuation process. (Divine|Attic – the Tantric concept of pleasure)

You may believe god/dess (Self) knows your heart, though in saying this, you assume you (ego) are aware of its contents, as well. Individuation is the process of confronting the vulnerabilities hidden in your heart as a result of habitual guilt and denial. These vulnerabilities cluster together and form belief systems (complex’s). When we allow another person to fill the void created by complex/vulnerabilities, we are denying the opportunity to confront and remove the void. Soon, we lose all memory of the void until some unanticipated condition brings the memory to surface. We are, then, consumed by intense guilt for not having “seen” the vulnerability earlier, when we may have avoided suffering. How many times have you mused, “I should have known better?”

Tantric sex can only be experienced by individuals with similar intention and developmental compatability, which is rare.

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