The Side Effects Of Fantasy

It is vital to accept and appreciate fantasy for what it is. Attempting to turn fantasy to reality inevitably leads to ruin.

Being able to accept fantasy as fantasy, without the expectation of reality, is an important psychological tool. At the same time, confidence without arrogance (love) empowers thought. Recognizing the power of love to empower thought is an impressive motivational tool. The key is to hold both perspectives in mind, simultaneously.

If our thoughts are obtainable they are goals not fantasies.

In other words, the object of your thought must be your goal/desired reality, not your fantasy, and it is important to have both. To confuse the two is an invitation for suffering.

Fantasy is the moral high ground of society. It keeps people where they are. It’s a good way to stay happy when you are comfortable and safe.
Fantasy keeps the majority pacified, so we don’t kill, cheat or hurt one another. It also keeps people from taking risks, inducing change, and coping with challenges.

Some people are able to use fantasy to their advantage (and society’s) while it drives others to pure debauchery. The key is to hold both perspectives in mind, simultaneously; to recognize that obtainable thoughts are goals not fantasies; to distinguish between the two and acknowledge we need both.

When anticipation becomes expectation, we are caught up in fantasy.

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