(7.23) Selfish thought contains the germ of dissolution.

Dissolution is process of bringing to an end. Selfish thought, therefore, is the beginning of the end to an awareness of expanding consciousness. This does not mean consciousness stops expanding, it means we are no longer aware of it. When this happens, nature will intervene, which usually includes suffering. Suffering gets our attention and reminds us not be to selfish.

We often have to lose something (dissolution) to confront our true intention and love (or lack of) for others.

(7.24) Our greatest interest will be conserved by a recognition of the fact that it is just as essential to give as it is to receive.

Giving reinforces a desire not to be selfish. Giving also creates room to receive. We often have no room for new opportunities in our life because we are still clinging to things, people and belief systems that are no longer serving us. Giving is as much an act of “letting go” as it is of blessing others.

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