Habits, Holding Patterns, & Active Imagination~

Habits are like holding patterns – they keep you imobilized as your interests drain like fuel. The inevitable end is disaster.

An awareness of this “end” brings an opportunity to watch for the obvious warning signs. Whenever you feel imobilized, you can be sure that your attatchment to a desired outcome is greater than your appreciation of the present moment. This blunt reproach is meant to convey the seriousness of an action that Self experiences as betrayal, represented symbolically as Judas is the Passion story.

Nature is observing itself through the experience of Atman/Self, whom relies upon the physical body to house it, and ego to translate physical experience into symbolic form-the language of the unconscious. Creativity, in turn, is the channel by which Atman/Self communicates directly back to ego. Carl Jung named this process of comandearing the faculty of imagination for the purpose of recieving messages from the unconscious, active imagination.

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