Courage and discipline are the most basic and valuable skills we need to make it through life.

Unfortunately, great misunderstanding surrounds these concepts.

Violence will either excite or stimulate fear. Each has their own problems. Awareness of your predisposition is a prerequisite to the examination of patterns that result. These habits reveal our belief systems, both inherited and unique.

Habits must be replaced with rituals, which are intentional demonstrations of mindfulness acquired discipline.

Discipline is not being corrected by others but the cultivation of self control. Courage is not about blindly charging into the unknown but proceeding with confidence that your character is strong enough to see you through undesirable conditions.

Learning is more than acquiring new information, it is the process by which mind learns how to problem solve. For this reason, remain eager to learn, developing new strategies to cope with new complexities. Above all, make application of knowledge you have gained or knowledge remains theoretical. When knowledge becomes experience, we inherit wisdom.

Destructive thinking is the source of all evil. Instant gratification is the root; character is the stem and our actions are fruit.

Constructive thinking is a recognition of the creative nature of thought and our ability to control it. Discipline, courage and learning weave together to form the root. Character is the stem and our actions are fruit.

Instant gratification is the root of all evil. It is the defining factor when determining intention.

Learn to deny yourself anything. This is the surest method to regain governance of your mind from your drives. This requires the cultivation of discipline, exercised through the muscle of willpower. Proceed through hardship as though it were neccesary to avoid a greater challenge ahead, utilizing the opportunity to develop new skills to cope with unanticipated conditions. Stop only doing what’s comfortable.

Rituals are intentional, habits are predictable. Have daily rituals at appointed times. Create scheduled events between rituals.

Be gentle with yourself.

When maintainence of this discipline becomes your priority you will inherit a new predominant mental attitude. Your predominant mental attitide defines your character and communicates your substance to those around you. This subtle force is how we unconsciously make decisions about others; the human equivalent of dogs sniffing each other’s ass.

Your predominant mental attitude is developed, unlike your persona, which is conditional. Personas are the masks we wear to appear relevant in survival situations, be that the workplace, on transit, at church or in the ring.

Rejection stimulates obsession. Social Power is the great manipulation. A relationship without compromise perpetuates seduction.

At least half of everyone having sex is getting fucked.

Depression is the shadow of fear. Fear is engineered by ego as a tool to cope with trauma. Confrontation between ego and fear produces thought.

Imagination is unrestrained thought. Daydreaming is a form of mental dissipation.

Fantasy must not be confused with desire. Fantasy must remain unattainable or the subconscious will direct our decisions to an inevitable confrontation with our object of thought. The nature of this confrontation depends upon the virtue of our thoughts.

Virtue is steadfastness of character. Character is the offspring of discernment. Discernment is the evidence of wisdom.

Rituals will not save you from undesirable conditions, they empower you to cope with conditions without compromising a constructive predominant mental attitude.

Our attitude toward fear is determined by our tendency to attack or defend.

Violence may be eliminated through the dissolution of fear. We may eliminate fear by a recognition of the creative nature of thought and our ability to control it.

Civility is a mutual agreement between those who benefit from and adhere to its conditions.

Every deviation from these conditions reinforces the illusion of civil society.

Learning is a result of deviation. Suffering is a product of resistance. Peace is an expression of compliance.

When anticipation becomes expectation, we are caught up in fantasy.

Obtainable thoughts are goals.

Fear indicates repressed agression.

Violence indicates repressed fear.

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