Week 1

Experience is an extension of thinking.
The thoughts that possess us have a corresponding mental state.
The brain allows is to interpret and organize sensory perceptions.
The solar plexus is a major intersection of nerves which produces a rate of vibration that corresponds with our predominant mental attitude. This vibration is transmitted to Universal Mind/Cosmic Consciousness, and we receive creative potential in relation to the vibration it sends.
The Universal Mind is responsible for the creation of all form, and all events occurring within form.
Thinking allows us to decide our rate of vibration and-in turn-choose the nature and degree of creative potential that we receive.
Cause and effect is the method by which the individual participates in the creation of conditions and circumstances.
Constructive thinking supports the goal of nature which is to become conscious of itself.
Individuation is the process of the microcosm in sympathetic resonance with the goal of nature/the Universe.
Destructive thinking is all directed attention that does not support this goal.

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