(1.13) A knowledge of the truth is the underlying condition necessary for every business transaction and business relation.

Knowledge of the Truth refers to confidence that our thoughts and actions support our ideal state.

(1.14) If we know the truth we can readily predict the outcome of any action based on a true premise.

We have beliefs about ourselves, the world and the people in it. These beliefs inspire the stories we tell ourselves, and these stories determine how we interact within the condition of our environment. These beliefs are “the truth” of our experience.

The Observer gets to decide.

If we KNOW (have confidence in) our belief we have mastered cause and effect.

(1.15) If the premise is false, we are unable to form a conception of the results that may ensue.

A false premise is a belief about the world and the people in it based that does not support your ideal state.

(1.16) We may know the truth by a recognition of the fact that truth is the vital principle of the universe and, therefore, omnipresent.

Omnipresent refers to something constantly encountered. Thus, what we believe about out conditions will constantly reinforce itself upon our attention.

(1.17) The nature of truth is spiritual.

Spirituality is concentrated thought that supports our ideal state.

Truth is the belief that develops from concentrated maintained attention.

(1.18) The secret of the solution to every problem is to apply spiritual truth.

Spiritual truth is concentration. Thought affects opportunities we create and discourage within our environment.

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