Crossover Week #1 (a)

(1.1) The world without is a reflection of the world within.

(2.1) There are two modes of mental activity, conscious and subconscious.

Both the conscious and the subconscious affect the inner world of our experience and the physical world of our experience.

(1.11) Well doing is the imperative condition of all well being.

(2.11) Wealth is the offspring of power.

Power is the (spiritual) creative potential of thought. An understanding and integration of this knowledge, produces right action and every form of prosperity.

(1.21) The true method of concentration is to become so identified with our object of thought that we’re conscious of nothing else.

(2.21) Individuals are measured by the degree of intelligence they manifest.

Intelligence is measured by our ability to direct our concentrated attention.

(2.30) We receive thought, which is substance in equilibrium and is constantly being differentiated in form by what we think.

(1.30) The symbol is the outward form of the spiritual reality within. Therefore, unless we are possessed by the spiritual reality, the form disappears.

Thoughts “possess” us and shapes our constantly evolving perception. Our perception of conditions dictates how we experience conditions.

(2.20) Thought will correlate with its object and bring it into manifestation because thought is a product of the spiritual man and spirit is the creative principle of the universe.

(1.20) A recognition of the omnipotence of spiritual power and a desire to be a recipient of its beneficial effects is neccesary for spiritual methods to be used.

Spirit is man’s ability to access creative potential by thinking. An acknowledgment of this activates intention.

(2.10) Thought is creative energy and will correlate with its object and bring it into manifestation.

(1.10) All power is from within. The universal fountain of supply. The infinite energy of each individual an outlet.

Creative potential is (spiritual) power and is generated by our ability to think.

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