Crossover Week #1 (b)

(2.29) We give thought.

(1.29) Intuition is superior to reason because it does not depend on existence or memory and frequently brings about a solution to our problems by methods of which we are in entire ignorance.

Directed attention towards others that comes from our (unselfish) desires is the definition of a blessing. Directed attention towards others that comes from selfish desires is the definition of a curse. The attention we direct toward others, regardless of our intention, will always be directed back at us because as the “transmitter” of creative energy/potential, we are the “ground.”

(2.19) A conscious recognition of the law of attraction with the intention of bringing it into existence for a definite purpose is necessary to bring this law into operation.

(1.19) The advantage of spiritual methods is they are always available.

As long as we are able to think, we have the power to generate cause and effect (the law of attraction).

(2.9) This is the law of attraction.

(1.9) Discord, disharmony, lack and limitation are the result of wrong thinking.

We attract “ill effects” if we think about them.

(1.2) All possession is based on consciousness.

(2.2) Ease and perfection depend, entirely, upon the degree in which we cease to depend upon the conscious mind.

Our subconscious behaviors “possess” us.

(1.12) Right thinking is the condition precedent of all right action.

(2.12) Possessions are of value only at they confer power.

Attention should be constantly directed toward cultivating concentration. A scattered mind leads to chaotic conditions.

(1.22) Invisible forces are, then set in motion to bring about the desired result.

(2.22) We may control the forms of intelligence by a recognition of self as an individualization of the the universal.

All individuals possess inherent creative potential originating from the same source. As such, we may also direct our concentrated attention toward the service of others.

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