(3.1) The cerebral spinal system of nerves is the organ of the conscious mind.

The cerebral spinal system is “the portion of the nervous system in vertebrates comprising the brain, cranial nerves, spinal cord, and the spinal nerves concerned with transmission of impulses from sense organs to the voluntary muscles.”

(3.2) The sympathetic system of nerves is the organ of the subconscious mind.

The sympathetic nervous system is “the part of the autonomic nervous system that contains chiefly adrenergic fibers and tends to depress secretion, decrease the tone and contractility of smooth muscle, and increase heart rate.”

(3.3) The solar plexus is the central point of distribution for energy the body is constantly generating.

The solar plexus is “a nerve plexus in the abdomen that is situated behind the stomach and in front of the aorta and the crura of the diaphragm and contains several ganglia distributing nerve fibers to the viscera.”

(3.4) This distribution may be interrupted by resistant, critical, discordant thought but especially by fear.

Resistance to adaption; critical toward conditions in your experience; discordant to the creative life principle of nature (ie. selfish). Fear is paranoia, (ie. unhealthy visualization).

(3.5) The result of this disruption is every ill which the human race has been afflicted.

The distribution of energy (prana) is essential to the maintenance of health, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

(3.6) This energy can be controlled and directed by conscious thought.

Just as we may control our breath through conscious intention, so we can move prana through our body.

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