(4.13) A practical working knowledge of cause and effect is secured through an understanding of natural law.

The principle of nature is survival; that life flourish.

(4.14) The effect of an understanding of natural law is a conscious realization that we can adjust ourselves to dive and unchanging principles.

If we understand the principle of natural law, we can adjust our thoughts (cause) in support of this principle and, in turn, attract the object of our thought/manifest our desire (effect).

(4.15) The degree of success we achieve is indicated by the degree in which we realize we can not change the infinite but must participate with it.

All nature is an expression of this infinite creative power of the universal. No amount of logic or effort can change the principles of nature.

(4.16) The law of attraction rests on vibration which, in turn, rests on love. This is the principle that gives thought its dynamic power. Any thought impregnated with love is invincible.

Attraction works like magnetism does; the vibration produced by polarity. Love amplifies this signal.

(4.17) It is invincible because it is a natural law. All natural laws are invincible, unchangeable and act with mathematical certitude. Without deviation or variation.

The sooner we realize this, the sooner we can let go of our attachment to circumstance.

(4.18) A solution to our problem seems overwhelming if we are uninformed or inexperienced.

Uninformed – lacking knowledge.

Inexperienced – lacking experience.

Knowledge is integrated through experience. 

Knowledge without experience is lacking. Experience without knowledge is futile.

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