(4.19) It is impossible for the mind to receive an entirely new idea if there is not a corresponding vibratory cell capable of receiving the idea.

This is why repetition is such an effective way to learn. We become masters of what we repeat (practice).

(4.20) Wisdom is secured through concentration. It is an unfoldment; it comes from within.

Concentration is a byproduct of repetition (practice). As muscle memory becomes subconscious, we go into a kind of trance and are able to think “above” the task we are performing. This happens regularly during all habitual tasks. When we choose the task, intentionally (ritual), and allow ruminating mind to go into a trance, we have discovered the most effective method for learning.

(4.21) Power depends upon recognition and use. Use determines it’s existence.

We must integrate the lessons we become aware of or we will not remain conscious of what we have learned.

(4.22) Recognition is consciousness.

To recognize/become aware of

(4.23) We become conscious of power by thinking.

Nature becomes aware of itself as we begin to think “above” the conditions we encounter. Intention is the anchor of the this observer state.

(4.24) The great business of life is correct scientific thought.

Correct (scientific) thought is thought in harmony with nature. The quality of a scientist that makes it distinct is the scientists role as an observer.

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