(5.1) About 90% of our mental life is subconscious.

90% of what we do is done without consciously thinking about it.

(5.2) This vast mental storehouse is generally not utilized.

We could use 90% more or our mental resources.

(5.3) Few understand or appreciate that subconscious activity may be consciously directed.

We use our mental resources by consciously thinking.

(5.4) The conscious mind receives its governing tendencies from heredity, which means it is a result of all past generations.

Habits (the 90%) is inherited (evolution) and learned from the behavior of others.

(5.5) The law of attraction is bringing us to our own.

Like a magnet, life will materialize form that resonates with our authenticity.

(5.6) “Our own” is who we inherently are; the result of all past thinking, both conscious and subconscious.

(4.30) What we do depends on who we are. Who we are depends upon what we think. Thus, our quality of thought determines conditions we meet in life.



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