(6.1) Some of the effects that can be produced by electricity are heat, light, power, music.

Electricity is the method of transmitting power.

(6.2) These effects can be changed by changing the mechanism to which electricity is attached.

Power is received by whatever is “plugged into” the outlet.

(6.3) The conditions and experiences we meet in life are a result of the action and interaction of the individual upon the Universal.

Conditions and experiences are a result of thought, which produces cause and effect.

(6.4) These conditions can be changed by changing the mechanism by which thought is differentiated.

The brain is differentiated by the how we direct our attention.

(6.5) This mechanism is the brain.

Our ability to think is a function of the brain.

(6.6) Thought creates brain cells and these cells respond to the corresponding thought in the universal.

Thought is substance in equilibrium. Enough substance results in form.

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