(6.7) Concentration is the highest personal achievement that can be acquired. It is the distinguishing characteristic of every successful person.

Concentration is extended directed attention.

(6.8) Concentration can be achieved by practicing mental exercise. Nourishment is essential to survival.

Mental exercise keeps concentration “in shape.”

(6.9) Concentration is so important because it allows us to control our thoughts and since every thought is a cause, every condition is an effect. Therefore, if we control the cause, we control the effect.

Concentration is the subtle force empowering cause & effect.

(6.10) We are learning the basic methods of constructive thinking. This is allowing us to change conditions and multiply effects in the objective world.

Kahunaki is a philosophy of empowerment based on taking responsibility for how we direct our attention.

(6.11) The source of all wisdom, power, and intelligence, is universal mind.

Wisdom is integrated knowledge. Power is concentration (extended directed attention). Intelligence is inductive reasoning. (3.11)

(6.12) All motion, light, heat, and color originate from universal energy, which is one form of universal mind.

Universal energy is substance in equilibrium, which is constantly being differentiated in form by what we think. (2.30)

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