(6.13) The creative power of thought originates in Universal Mind.

Creative power is unlimited potential, which is understood by ruminating, rationalizing mind, as meaning.

(6.14) Thought is mind in motion.

Thought is creative power. It functions like electricity. Thought is the electricity/power coming from the outlet (universal mind).

(6.15) The universal produces various combinations, which result in the formation of phenomena.

Thoughts are like ingredients.  “Various combinations” are a result of our various thoughts. The more scattered our thoughts, the more unpredictable will be the result of our thinking. By intentionally directing our attention to specific objects of thought, we are able to anticipate the results.

(6.16) The power of the individual to think is his ability to act upon the universal and bring it into existence.

Our thoughts reinforce our perception of reality. Become aware of the contents (ingredients) of your ruminating mind, and ensure your thoughts are supportive of your ideal state.

The one who things they have lost something will be unable to see what they are looking for even if it is right in front of them.

(6.17) Quarks and electrons are the first form the universal takes, as far as we know.

Quarks are the building blocks of matter.

(6.18) All things originate in mind.

All matter originates with thought.


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