(7.7) The necessary condition for the materialization of the of your ideal in the objective world is the law of attraction–the natural law by which all conditions and experiences are brought about.

Objective existence depends upon thought to generate create potential.

(7.8) Earnest desire, confident expectation and firm demand are necessary steps to bring this law into operation.

If we want to participate in this ongoing  process: 1) Earnest Desire 2) Confident Expectation 3) Firm Demand

(7.9) Many fail because they focus on loss, disease and disaster. The law is working perfectly. Fear is manifesting.

Fear is the product of focusing on loss, dis-ease, or disaster.

(7.10) The alternative is to concentrate on the ideal, which you desire to see manifested in your life.

Creating mental pictures that reflect ideal conditions will improve your attitude.

(7.11) The degree of harmony we attain is determined by our ability to appropriate what we require for our growth from each experience.

All experience is an opportunity to become more consciously aware.

(7.12) Difficulty and obstacles are necessary for wisdom and spiritual growth.

Difficulty and obstacle are catalysts that prompt awareness.


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