Crossover Week #4 (d)

(7.19) A conscious recognition of the truth invariably destroys error. We do not have to laboriously shovel the darkness out. All that is required is to turn the light on. This same principle applies to every form of negative thought.

(8.19) The source of harmony is constructive thought.

A conscious recognition of the truth is applied awareness.

(8.20) Constructive thought is a recognition of the creative nature of spiritual energy and our ability to control it.

(7.20) Insight enables us to understand the value of making application of knowledge we have gained. Many seem to think knowledge applies itself, which is–by no means–true.

Innocence precedes awareness.

A refusal to expose ourselves to, accept, or apply knowledge is ignorance.

(7.21) The first law of success is service.

(8.21) Every system of metaphysics depends upon a knowledge of the truth concerning ourselves and the world.

We are of service to nature; to consciousness becoming aware of itself, within ourselves and others.

(8.22) The real “I” is spiritual and can, therefore, never be less than perfect.

(7.22) We can be of the most service by keeping an open mind. Be interested in the race not the goal; the pursuit not the possession.

Our ability to observe how ego interacts with the events and conditions of our life, rather than losing ourselves in the drama, is how consciousness becomes aware of itself.

(7.23) Selfish thought contains the germ of dissolution.

(8.23) To absolutely convince yourself of the truth concerning the conditions you desire to see manifest in life is the method for destroying all forms of fear.

Selfish thought serves the ego rather than nature/consciousness observing itself.

(8.24) The Universal Mind-from which all things proceed and which is one and indivisible–this makes it just as possible to help others as it is to help ourselves.

(8.25) We will have reached our greatest success by a recognition of the fact that it is just as essential to give as it is to receive.

It is just as essential to give as it is to receive, and just as possible to help others as it is to help ourselves because within each individual resides the same Universal Mind.


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