Crossover Week #4 (e)

(7.26) The great majority remain docile and willing tools of the few because they allow the few to do their thinking for them.

(8.26) The universal mind is omnipresent. It exits everywhere. There is nowhere it is not. It is, therefore, within you. It is all spirit and life.

We have the potential within us to become whatever we direct our attention to. In turn, we may also surrender this potential to have others tell us what to think.

(8.27) The nature of Universal Mind is spiritual and, therefore, creative. It seeks to  express itself in form.

(7.27) Concentrating on sorrow and loss brings sorrow and loss.

Universal Mind is prompted by our ability to concentrate; to direct our attention.

(7.28) Concentrating on gain brings gain into effect.

(8.28) Our ability to think is our ability to act upon the universal and bring into manifestation that which is of benefit to ourselves and others.

As all life is an expression of nature, directing our attentions toward that which is of benefit to ourselves and others is harmonious with natures law.

(8.29) Constructive thought is clear, decisive, calm, deliberate, concentrated attention with a definite end in view.

(7.29) This is the only principle eve used or ever can be used. There is none other. That it may be used unconsciously does not alter the situation.

The principle if cause & effect will operate regardless of our intent, although nature/Universal Mind may not not manifest conditions the way we think, especially if our concentrated attention lacks benefit to others.

(7.30) Success is an effect not a cause. If we want to secure the effect, we must ascertain the thought-idea by which the effect is created.

(8.30) The result of constructive thought is you will come to recognize “god” as Universal Mind which really and truly lives within you and all things are possible and can be demonstrated by anyone with sufficient understanding.

As we begin to materialize conditions in accordance to our directed attention, we will begin to realize the concept of “god” as a symbol for spiritual energy/thought.


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