Week 9

Universal mind/cosmic consciousness is the source of all power. Each individual is an outlet of this power. The solar plexus is a “well” by which we send and receive vibrations that correspond with our predominant mental attitude. These vibrations are the language by which we communicate our desires and through which the Universal distributes creative potential.
What we do affects how we feel.
Thought motivates action.
We may avoid dysfunctional relationships by ensuring our thoughts are in harmony with our actions.
The “truth” is determined by whichever thoughts receive the greatest amount of directed attention.
If there is a conflict between our directed attention and our desires, the conditions we encounter in life will not support our ideal state.
If our directed attention supports our desires, our rate of vibration will “transmit” a signal that will attract conditions that support our ideal state.
We can solve every “problem” we encounter by redirecting our attention to concentrate on conditions we desire to manifest.
As long as we are conscious, we have the ability to (re)direct our attention.
Each person is an outlet of Universal creative potential, which we access by thinking. Initiative is understood as our desire to become a recipient of the effects of this power. This is a requirement to use this power.

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