(2.30) We receive thought, which is substance in equilibrium and is constantly being differentiated in form by what we think.

The nature of anthers thought about us will affect us, though not always the way they intend.

(2.29) We give thought.

How we think about others affects them, though not always the way we anticipate.

(2.28) The law of growth depends upon reciprocal action. The individual is complete at all times and this makes it possible to receive only as we give.

Each individual is like a glass of water. We do not know, exactly, how much water we contain–as this may vary between individuals. If there is no room for more water in your glass, then either (a) your cup will overflow and new water will always be diluted by old water, or (b) new water never makes it into your glass.

(2.27) This law is brought into operation by the law of attraction.

Thought influences how conditions manifest. The law of attraction (cause & effect) ensures that the object of our directed attention will eventually find a way to manifest, though it may not manifest in the way we desire or even if we do not desire it at all.

(2.26) The means of existence are carried into effect by the law of love.

The Means of Existence (ME) is the subtle creative force of Universal Mind brought into existence by thought. The law of love (service) may be understood as bringing benefit to the whole rather than the individual, which is fundamental to nature thriving.

(2.25) Thought is the connecting like between the individual and the Universal.

Thought makes it possible to access the creative potential understood as Universal Mind.

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