Crossover Week #5 (b)

(2.24) Universal Mind creates form by means of the individual.

(1.24) The nature of our desires must be in harmony with nature’s law.

We may access the creative potential of Universal Mind directing our attention toward a specific desire (not an outcome). If the nature of our thoughts is not in harmony with nature’s law, we will only succeed in creating an illusion state.

(1.23) Spiritual truth is the control factor in this method of thought.

(2.23) Creative power originates in the Universal.

Spiritual truth is a knowledge of the power of thought to access the unlimited creative potential of nature/Universal Mind.

(2.22) We may control other forms of intelligence by a recognition of Self as an individualization of Universal intelligence.

(1.22) Invisible forces are, then, set in motion to bring about the desired result.

Self is the inner “voice” or guide of intuition that may be recognized as being set apart from ego. Invisible forces are the forces that evolution of nature.

(1.21) The true method of concentration is to become so identified with the object of our thought that we are conscious of nothing else.

(2.21) Individuals are measured by the degree of intelligence they manifest.

Concentration is the ability to quiet ruminating mind so that out attention can be directed toward our desired ideal. Intelligence is a spectrum and may be understood/measured as the degree to which we can eliminate unwanted internal dialogues.

(2.20) Thought will correlate with its object and bring it into manifestation because thought is a product of the spiritual man and spirit is the creative principle of the universe.

(1.20) A recognition of the omnipotence of spiritual power and a desire to be a recipient of its beneficial effects is necessary for spiritual methods to be used.

Individuals have the ability to act upon the unlimited creative potential of nature by replacing unsupportive internal dialogues with supportive ones. This begins by recognizing subconscious thoughts and habits, then replacing unsupportive ones with ones that we support our ideal state.

(1.19) The advantage of spiritual methods is they are always available.

(2.19) A conscious recognition of the law of attraction with the intention of bringing it into existence for a definite purpose is necessary to bring this law into operation.

Spiritual methods” may be understood as the process of replacing unsupportive thoughts with supportive ones. When this happens, we will become aware that our new thoughts are attracting new opportunities into our life as a result of a change in our perception of conditions.


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