Crossover Week #5 (d)

(1.12) Right thinking is the condition precedent for all right action.

(2.12) Possessions are of value only as they confer power.

Action reveals thought and rarely betrays it. We are possessed by our thoughts and should only direct our attention toward thoughts that support our ideal state (power)

(2.11) Wealth is the offspring of power.

(1.11) Well doing is the imperative condition of all well being.

Wealth is an effect. Power is a cause.

Well being is an effect. Well doing is a cause.

(1.10) All power comes from within–the universal fountain of supply–the infinite energy of each individual, an outlet.

(2.10) Thought is creative energy and will automatically correlate with it’s object and bring it into manifestation.

Individuals are outlets of creative potential because individuals gave–within them–the ability to “connect” to the creative potential of nature (the force of nature).

(2.9) This is the law of attraction.

(1.9) Discord, disharmony, lack and limitation are the result of wrong thinking.

The law of attraction is cause & effect.

(1.8) Harmonious and desirable conditions are obtained by right thinking.

(2.8) Our environment reflects conditions corresponding to our predominant mental attitude.

Our predominant mental attitude creates our perception of conditions.

(2.7) If our desires are in harmony with the forward movement of the great whole, forces will be set in motion to bring about our desired results.

(1.7) The result of this action and interaction is cause and effect. Every thought is a cause. Every condition, an effect.

The forward movement of the great whole is evolution; nature progressing. We know if our desires are in harmony with this force if our desires seek the benefit of others as well as ourselves.


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