(3.30) The Universal is static and requires energy to start it in motion. This is furnished by food which is converted into energy and–in turn–allows the individual to think.  When we stop eating, we stop thinking. There is, consequently, no action and interaction. The Universal is pure mind in static form; my at rest.

The quality of food we eat reflects the quality of thought we may produce.

(3.29) Creative energy originates in the Universal but can manifest itself only through the individual.

The individual is the tool that allows creative potential to operate in the objective world.

(3.28) Mental action depends upon polarity-action and interaction, between the individual and the Universal.

Polarity exists between the individual mind and limitless creative potential of nature.

(3.27) The rate of vibration may be changed by mental activity.

Rate of vibration corresponds with the quality of thought, or, the degree at which we are able to concentrate directed attention.

(3.26) Form depends upon the rate of vibration.

Directed attention/rate of vibration manifests itself in form, to the degree at which we are able to concentrate.

(3.25) Thought is the seed that results in action. Action results in form.

Action is predicated on thought.

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