(4.18) A solution to our problem seems difficult if we are uninformed or inexperienced.

Ignorance inevitably leads to feeling overwhelmed. Consciousness emerges through acquiring knowledge.

(4.17) This is invincible because this is a natural law. All natural laws are invincible, unchangeable and act with mathematical exactitude, without deviation or variation.

Cause and effect is absolute.

(4.16) The law of attraction rests on vibration which, in turn, rests on love. This is the principle which gives thought it’s dynamic power. Any thought impregnated with love is invincible.

Love is the motivational factor behind cause & effect; the reason for the creative force of nature.

Vibration is the means of execution by which nature enforces cause & effect.

The law of attraction is a term that describes the principle of cause & effect.

(4.15) The degree of success we achieve in indicated by the degree in which we realize we can not change the infinite but must cooperate with it.

Resistance to natural law (cause and effect) will, inevitably, produce suffering.

(4.14) The effect of an understanding of natural law is a conscious realization that we can not change the infinite but must cooperate with it.

As we become conscious of our inability to participate with nature/natural law, we will begin to see unanticipated conditions as opportunities to adjust our thought process.

(4.13) A practical working knowledge of cause and effect is secured through an understanding of natural law.

We must understand that cause and effect is based on the principles of nature that have resulted in our biological evolution and the evolution of the cosmos.

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