(4.12) Knowledge of our power, courage to dare, and the faith to do so are necessary conditions for the materialization of the ideal.

Our power is the ability to adjust our thought.

Courage to dare is the willpower necessary to adjust our behavior.

The faith to do so is the confidence that compels us to take responsibility for our thoughts and actions.

(4.11) Any purpose in life can be achieved through a scientific understanding of the spiritual nature of truth.

A “scientific understanding” simply means observable. The spiritual nature of thought is an understanding that all thought is spiritual, that is, thought is the tool by which the Universal Mind (Cosmic Spirit) is able to create form in the objective world.

(4.10) The silence is the first step toward self control; self mastery.

Ruminating mind thrives on motion. When we are still, we begin to experience “gaps” in thinking. What emerges from the space between thoughts is unlimited creative potential; the place of cosmic divination. This is very different from the experience of ruminating mind consciously working to provide a “solution” that results in what is routinely accepted as inspiration.

Sometimes, when we are meditating or about to fall asleep, images may appear–like a dream–only we are conscious enough to “observe” this in the moments before we “fall” asleep. When we are “in the zone” (self mastery) is akin to this experience, although without observing what is happening until later, in reflection.

(4.9) The silence is a physical stillness.

The silence, quite literally, implies our ability to remain still.

(4.8) We get what we give.

We give thought. We receive thought, which is substance in equilibrium and is constantly being differentiated in form by what we think. (2.29-30)

(4.7) The secret of power is service.

We may be of the most service by keeping an open mind. (7.22)


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