Crossover Week #7 (c)

(6.18) All things originate in mind.

(5.18) When we learn of a fact we can be sure it is the result of a certain definite cause, and the cause will act with invariable precession.

Facts originate in mind; these are things we decide must be true–our beliefs.

(5.17) We may account for strange and unexplained phenomena by the creative power of thought.

(6.17) Quarks and electrons are the first form the Universal takes, as far as we know.

Strange and unexplained phenomena are concepts without actual form (actual form results from quarks and electrons). The appearance of form is not form.

(6.16) The power of the individual to think is his ability to act upon the Universal and bring desire into manifestation.

(5.16) These laws have been discovered by a generalization of facts that are unusual, rare, strange, and form the exception.

Observation allows us to become aware of facts. When we think on these facts, we manifest concepts into form.

(5.15) This principle destroys superstition, precedent and conventionality.

(6.15) The Universal produces various combinations that result in the formation of phenomena.

The formation of phenomena = when concepts manifest as form. This is all the evidence we need to destroy superstition, precedent and conventionality.

(6.14) Thought is mind in motion.

(5.14) This principle is founded on upon reason and experience.

Thought is the “electricity” generated from mind–the “engine.”

(5.13) The class of facts that cannot be accounted for observed in the visual daily observation of life are esteemed most highly.

(6.13) The creative power of thought originates in Universal Mind.

The class of facts that cannot be accounted for in the visual daily observation of life are these are concepts without (actual) form. They originate in Universal Mind.




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