(7.12) Difficulty and obstacle are necessary for wisdom and spiritual growth.

Muscles strengthen as they learn to cope with resistance.

(7.11) The degree of harmony we attain is determined by our ability to appropriate what we require for our growth from each experience.

The fastest way to transcend feeling overwhelmed by conditions we experience is to find a lesson that can be learned.

We appropriate what we require for our growth by integrating the intended lesson–by making application of the knowledge we gain from the lesson.

Insight enables us to understand the value in making application of knowledge we have gained. Many seem to think knowledge applies itself, which is–by no means–true. (7.20)

(7.10) The alternative to failure is to concentrate on conditions we desire to see manifested in our lives.

When we concentrate on conditions we desire to see manifest in our lives, we create a predominant mental attitude that is actively looking and seeing conditions that confirm our desire.

(7.9) Many fail because they focus on loss, disease, and disaster. The law is working perfectly; fear is manifesting.

Directed attention forms our predominant mental attitude.

(7.8) Earnest desire, confident expectation, and firm demand are necessary steps to utilize cause and effect for the achievement of our plans.

These necessary steps are like a predominant mental attitude insurance policy; the are the checks and balances to ensure we are directing our attention toward our ideal state.

(7.7) The necessary condition for the materialization of the ideal is the law of attraction.

The law of attraction (cause and effect) is the principle by which thought manifests in form (7.14). 

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