(7.6) The material for the construction of mental images is secured by millions of tiny workers–brain cells.

Brain cells are the building blocks of visualization.

(7.5) Each repeated action renders the image more accurate then the former.

Habitual behavior is a result of habitual thinking.

“Our own” (who we inherently are) is a result of all past thinking, both conscious and subconscious. (5.6)

(7.4) “Seeing” creates “feeling,” “feeling” creates “being.” First the mental, then the emotional, then the unlimited possibilities of achievement.

Speaking causes others to visualize our words. Visualization creates “feeling.”

“Feeling” is emotion expressed in mood. “Feeling” adds vitality to thought (7.15)

(7.3) Idealization is the process of visualizing or idealizing the conditions we desire to see manifested in our lives.

Idealization is when we intentionally visualize mental pictures that correspond with our ideal state.

(7.2) By holding an image or picture in mind, we gradually but surely draw the thing nearer to us.

When we hold an image or picture in mind, we are expressing love on a cosmic level.

Keep in mind:

  1. We attract what we think about regardless of wether our thoughts are supportive or destructive.
  2. The way in which the object of our thought will manifest may not be the way we desire. Just like the saying, “be careful what you wish for,” because what you want in your life may appear in a way you do not want, which is why we should always “keep an open mind (7.22)” and hold an image or picture in mind rather than on how we want our object of thought to materialize.

(7.1) Visualization is the process of making mental pictures.

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