(8.30) The result of constructive thinking is you will come to recognize “God” as Universal Mind, which really and truly lives within you and all things are possible and can be demonstrated by anyone who has sufficiently applied understanding.

All forms of “God” are a symbol–a personification–of the creative potential of nature of which every individual is an outlet.

(8.29) Constructive thinking is clear, decisive, calm, deliberate, sustained thought with a definite end in view.

By this, we can measure the degree in which are thoughts are in harmony with natural law.

(8.28) Our ability to think is our ability to act upon the Universal and bring it into manifestation for the benefit of ourselves and others.

Because each individual is an outlet, “thinking” allows us to access this limitless resource of infinite creative potential.

(8.27) The nature of Universal Mind (collective consciousness) is spiritual and, therefore, creative. It seeks to express itself in form.

This is why mind is constantly ruminating…because creative potential seeks to express itself in form, and all form must originate in thought.

(8.26) Universal Mind is omnipresent. It is everywhere. there is nowhere it is not. It is, therefore, within you. It is the world within. It is all spirit and life.

Creative consciousness/Universal Mind links all humanity; it is the common denominator regardless of ethnicity, gender, or belief. It exists within each individual. This is what makes it omnipresent.

(8.25) The Universal Mind is the totality of all existence.

Creative consciousness/Universal Mind is the source of all life.

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