(8.12) The true value of wealth is its exchange value.

Wether financial or the value of thought/directed attention, wealth is perpetuated by consistent exchange.

(8.11) Wealth depends upon an understanding of the creative nature of thought.

An understanding of the creative nature of thought is nothing less than marvelous. It opens unlimited and limitless opportunity (5.25).

(8.10) The result of keen analytical observation is opulence and harmony.

opulence = great wealth or luxuriousness.

harmony = the combination of conditions that create a pleasing effect; the arrangement of the four archetypes (King/queen, Warrior, Magician/Wise Woman, Lover) to produce a consistent narrative.

(8.9) The development of imagination, insight, perception and sagacity is the result keen analytical observation.

Observe. Observe. Observe.

Observation leads to a recognition of patterns in behavior-yours and others. Patterns are the cause. Behavior is the effect.

(8.8) The ideal held steadily in mind attracts the conditions necessary for its fulfillment.

The ideal held steadily in mind ensures our predominant mental attitude is in “respond” mode, so when opportunities arise, we can move forward, confidently.

(8.7) Mind is the very real moving force by which we attract the people and circumstances necessary for the completion of our plans.

…because mind is the engine of thought. Our plans are determined by our most consistent mental pictures rather than inconsistent reasoning.

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