Crossover Week #8 (a)

(8.30) The result of constructive thought is you will come to know “God” as Universal Mind/Cosmic Consciousness which–really and truly–lives within you and all things are possible and can be demonstrated by anyone with sufficiently applied understanding.

(7.30) Success is an effect not a cause. If you want to secure the effect, you must assertion the cause-the thought or idea–by which the effect is created.

Created form is an effect. Nature is the default principle of creation. Individuals may “reprogram” the default settings of their own nature. This is the process by which consciousness is emerging in individuals.

(7.29) A recognition of the truth invariably destroys error. We do not have to laboriously shovel the darkness out. All that is required is to turn the light on. This same principle applies to every form of negative thought.

(8.29) Constructive thought is clear, decisive, calm, deliberate, sustained thought with a definite end in view.

Constructive thought is process of “turning the light on.”

(8.28) Our ability to think is our ability to act upon the Universal and bring into manifestation that which benefits ourselves and others.

(7.28) We may eliminate all fear, lack, limitation, poverty, and discord by substituting principle in place of error.

We substitute principle in place of error by replacing destructive thought with constructive thought.

(7.27) Undesirable conditions are brought about by thinking, discussing, and visualizing, conditions of lack, limitation, disease, poverty, and discord of every kind. This mental photography or erroneous conception is then taken up by the subconscious and the law of attraction brings the necessary substance to growth. That we reap what we sow is scientifically intact.

(8.27) The nature of Universal Mind is spiritual and consequently creative It seeks to express itself in form.

Universal Mind will create form under the direction of the principle of natures. Thought is an internal manifestation of this creative force, and will determine our perception.

(8.26) Universal Mind is omnipresent. It exists everywhere. There is nowhere it is not. It is, therefore, within you. It is the world within. It is all spirit and life.

(7.26) The great majority remain docile and willing tools of the few because they allow the few to do their thinking for them.

Each individual has the ability to think. This is their opportunity to access the ultimate source of creative potential.  If they give this power to others, they will feel powerless.

(7.25) Financiers frequently meet with great success because they do their own thinking.

(8.25) Universal  Mind is the totality of all existence.

Those who think for themselves–which includes the ability to  and arrest their attention from ruminating mind–may access to unlimited creative power.




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